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TUT 1: Physics with Neutrons – From Proteins via Polymer Thin Films to Spin Waves (CPP)

HSZ 403
Sun 16:00 - 18:30
TUT 1.1 Neutrons as a sensitive tool to investigate nano- and mesostructured materials Stephan Förster University of Bayreuth, Fakultät für Chemie 16:00
TUT 1.2 Reflectivity and GISAS Roland Steitz Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Berlin, Germany 16:45
TUT 1.3 Neutron spectroscopy on solids Astrid Schneidewind Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie 17:45

TUT 2: Energy Concepts of the Future (AGjDPG, AKE)

HSZ 03
Sun 16:00 - 18:30
TUT 2.1 Electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries: state of the art and future trend Andrea Balducci Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Muenster, Muenster, Germany 16:00
TUT 2.2 Fuel cells Uwe Reimer Institute of Energy and Climate Research / IEK-3: Fuel Cells, High-temperature Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Jülich, Germany 16:35
TUT 2.3 Physical aspects of photobioreactors for growing biomass Hilmar Franke Applied. physics, Univ. Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany 17:20
TUT 2.4 DESERTEC - an international approach to use renewable energies at large scale Michael Düren II. Physikalisches Institut, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Gießen, Germany 17:55

TUT 3: Collective Dynamics of Firms: A Statistical Physics Approach (SOE)

HSZ 04
Sun 16:00 - 18:00
TUT 3.1 Collective Dynamics of Firms: A Statistical Physics Approach Frank Schweitzer Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich, Kreuzplatz 5, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland 16:00

TUT 4: State of the Art of X-Ray Microanalysis (MI)

HSZ 401
Sun 16:00 - 19:15
TUT 4.1 Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, from the method to the instrumentation Jana Berlin Bruker Nano GmbH, Berlin, Germany 16:00
TUT 4.2 WDS technique - advanced analytical tool for the SEM Frank Bauer Oxford Instruments, Otto von Guericke Ring 10, D-65205, Wiesbaden, Germany 16:45
TUT 4.3 Hard X-ray scanning microscopy and tomography with elemental, chemical, and structural contrast Christian G. Schroer Institut für Strukturphysik, TU Dresden, 01062 Dresden, Germany 17:45
TUT 4.4 2D- and 3D-microanalysis using focussed MeV-ion beams Tilman Butz Institute for Experimental Physics II, Universität Leipzig, 04103 Leipzig, Germany 18:30
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