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Gemeinsame Plenarvorträge von SAMOP und SKM

Montag 14.3.2011, 8:30
Gerhard Ertl (FHI MPG)
"Molecules at surfaces: From atoms to complexity"

Dienstag 15.3.2011, 8:30
Shuji Nakamura (UC Santa Barbara)
"Status, Progress, and Future of the Green Semiconductor Laser"

Mittwoch 16.3.2011, 8:30
Thomas Elsaesser (Berlin)
Arbeitstitel: „Ultrafast Phenomena in Condensed Matter“

Donnerstag 17.3.2011, 8:30
Eric Betzig (Howard Hughes Janelia Farms)
"Pushing the Envelope in Biological Imaging"

Freitag 18.3.2011, 8:30
John Martinis (UC Santa Barbara)
“Synthesis of complex microwave photon states with superconducting qubits”

Plenarvorträge der SKM

Montag 14.3.2011, 9:15
David A. Weitz, Harvard University
“Linear and Non-linear Mechanics of Biopolymer Networks”

Dienstag 15.3.2011, 9:15
Prof. Nicola Spaldin
Materials Department, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5050, USA
„Novel Magnetism at Strongly Correlated Interfaces“

Mittwoch 16.3.2011, 9:15
Prof. Naoto Nagaosa
Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan
„Emergent Electromagnetism in Solids“

Donnerstag 17.3.2011, 9:15
Bernhard Keimer (MPI Stuttgart)
Arbeitstitel: „High Temperature Superconductivity“

Freitag 18.3.2011, 9:15
Andreas Heinrich (IBM)
„Nanosecond Scanning Tunneling Microscopy with Atomic Resolution“

Plenarvorträge der SAMOP

Montag 14.3.2011, 9:15
Randy Hulet
"Pairing in Unusual Places - Stretching the Realm of Superconductivity"

Dienstag 15.3.2011, 9:15
Joachim Burgdoerfer
"Interactions of ions, atoms, and photons with surfaces and capillaries"

Mittwoch 16.3.2011, 9:15
Todd Martinez
"Dynamics of Ground and Excited Electronic States from First Principles"

Donnerstag 17.3.2011, 9:15
Piet Schmidt
"Precision spectroscopy using quantum logic"

Freitag 18.3.2011, 9:15
Franz Pfeiffer
Coherent x-ray imaging for biomedical applications

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